Monitoring one baby at a time,
when mom and dad can't. 

Our Story

In January of 2016 we were surprised, yet elated, to discover we were expecting a new bundle of joy. We proudly announced our pregnancy, letting everyone know our then 5 month old was going to be a big sister. Two babies, 13 months apart, gave us a bit of anxiety but we prepared ourselves for the adventure! The pregnancy was normal. Each visit, we would get news that our little one was growing and eventually found out that this new bundle would be a sweet boy...  a momma's boy, I hoped!

August 29th finally arrived and Greyson Myles Sebastien made his debut. Weighing in at 9 lbs. 1 oz. He was simply perfect. As many new parents, we had our moments where he cried and we worried something might be wrong. Dr check-ups and even a visit to a chiropractor confirmed what we were told at delivery, he was just fine. Little by little he began to cry less and smile more. His big sister adjusted well to her "bubba" and adored him, as we all did. His daddy and I loved showing him off!

November 21st began as any other day. We went through our normal morningbroutine; dressed the kids, dropped them off at daycare, and went to work. A normal day- until I got a phone call that changed everything.

The next few days were a blur. Our perfect, handsome son had passed away and there was no real cause, just SIDS, as they referred to it. Something I had heard of but never once imagined it happening to me, to us.  People called, texted, and visited. To be honest,  I didn't really know what people were telling me anymore. It's something you can't really relate to until it actually happens to you. It was like a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from.

Then someone told me, "Just remember, when you feel yourself looking down, look up." That's when I knew I couldn't let myself or my family drown in this tragic nightmare. I knew I wanted to do something, something to keep my sweet boy's memory alive and help other families from possibly enduring the pain we were going through.

I decided I would not let Greyson's precious life be for nothing. Losing Greyson would not be our reason to give up, but instead our reason to strive for greatness in his name. The effect that Grey had on everyone that knew him and our family was tremendous. That's how The Grey Effect Foundation began. It is my hopes that this foundation will help many families for years to come.

The Foundation

Life is certainly not all black and white. SIDS is a very grey area. To carry on the precious spirit of our sweet Greyson, we have created a non-profit foundation - The Grey Effect. The intentions of his foundation are to spread awareness regarding SIDS while hopefully preventing other families from enduring the pain of losing a baby to SIDS.

Through The Grey Effect, it is our hope to raise enough money to purchse Owlet Baby Care Monitors for new moms and dads before they leave the hospital. The Owlet Company has agreed to match our donations by giving a free monitor for every one that The Grey Effect Foundation purchases.
Owlet Monitor